Jai. 20. ISFJ.
BA Communications Graduate. BSBA Marketing Freshman. Baguio City. PH.


“When you see the first
twinkling that appears at dusk,
don’t just make a wish,
follow that north star,
and look for the moss that grows
on the parts we once touched,
I left my footprints embedded
on the marshy ground alongside
yours which have faded,
I have tread onto
an off beaten path
so I’ll be waiting for you
where the track meets an end,
you’ll know by my smoke signals
that I am lost without you,
so I’ll stay where I am,
hoping you find
your way back to me.”

Back to me (by Jai R.)

“Two hearts wearing thin
wielding swords, not giving in,
there is no battle to be won
despite the struggle raging on,
though one side will always be stronger
if one heart loses, so does the other.”

Battlefield (by Jai R.)
Normal people be like, “Okay? Okay.” But this-
This is how I and my boyfriend make up. This is as romantic as it gets.

Normal people be like, “Okay? Okay.” But this-

This is how I and my boyfriend make up. This is as romantic as it gets.

“I didn’t care that
I had to stand on my
tippy toes just to kiss you,
that it was so easy for you
to put your arm around me,
that I had to bend my head
upwards just to talk to you.
Because the greatest gift
I’ve ever received
was knowing that
someone like you
could love someone as small
and insignificant as me,
all my insecurities
had been wiped away,
and I felt that maybe
it wasn’t so bad to be me,
But with one word,
you took that all away,
you shrunk me down to size,
when you said I was just a child,
Maybe I am, and maybe I’m not
But still I thank you
for the short time
when you made me feel
larger than life.”

When I didn’t feel so small (by Jai R.)

theyreclappingforyouhamis asked:

How would you define beauty?

I see you and think
there is nothing in this world like you,
nothing else can even compare,
and goddammit, I want you,
I want you
I want you
I want you,
please, let me have you,
I’ll never let you go.

Anonymous asked:

Mga poging bloggers?


Hahaha. Okay!


Woah. Hello. Okay :))

Online Life: So far, so good.

Real life: asfkjgsahlwqhgowqghj. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I CAN’T BREATHE </3

burnthepromise asked:

wow. your writing is amazing. i just started a new poetry blog and i would really appreciate it if you could maybe give me some feedback and let me know what you think?

Thank you so much! You don’t know how much those words mean to me right now. <3

I love the flow of your writing, and I’m a sucker for metaphors. I can see similarities with some of my favorite writers here on tumblr. Let’s keep writing and learn as we go :)

Check her out, people. ^_^

“You love words, so do I,
but you only know how
to use them for inflicting pain
rather than healing wounds.
Your sharp tongue cuts deeper
than the blades I use
on my forearms.
But I won’t stoop to your level,
I won’t retaliate with harsher words.
How can I do that,
when I used the same mouth
to make promises
of never leaving you,
so instead, I break these vows
and walk out.
These footsteps will be
the last thing you hear from me.”

"Para kang bata" (by Jai R.)

I was happier when the world made sense without having to make any sense, when I accepted its mysteries without question, when everything did not need to have an explanation. I could ask why, and the answer would be “you’ll understand when you’re older.” Well, I’m older now, and I both understand and do not understand the current situations I find myself drowning in. I get answers, but these answers require more questions, in a never ending loop of confusion. The complexity of life is taking its toll on me. I’m frustrated. I’m indecisive. I’m terrified. I’m trapped. The questions that require answering never come up with good results. Nothing makes sense to me, no matter how hard I try to understand.

“There’s a reason they call it a trigger,
the way it shoots straight
into your heart and into your head
with no warning,
no chance raise your hands
to yell, “I’m unarmed!”
It takes you like a hand
that grabs you by the hair
and plunges your head into
the toilet, over and over
with no chance to gasp for air.
Your mind becomes a cesspool
of unwanted thoughts,
your heart races faster
than the speed of sound,
and for a time, you’d be
sprawled on the floor,
desperately trying to recover
the sanity that was lost
trying to scoop up the blood
that has been spilled on the ground.
There’s a reason they call it a trigger,
just one small misstep,
one slide of a finger
and all the senses,
all that is rational
come tumbling down like dominoes,
crashing like a demolition.”

There’s a reason they call it a trigger (by Jai R.)

“If I were a tree,
I wish you would hold me
tighter and with more
warmth and care,
than soil ever could.”

– by Jai R.